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Ancient Greek Philosophy Today

At The Hellenic Centre on 23 May 2024

Why engage with ancient Greek philosophy today? Can it still teach us anything today or is it outdated? Four international academic experts offer their thoughts on why Greek philosophy is still a source of inspiration and of new challenges to philosophers today.


A Time of Her Own

At The Hellenic Centre on 15 May 2024

Join us for the launch of A Time of Her Own, the online interactive project by artist Zoe Hatziyannaki and curator Christina Petkopoulou integrating female portraits from personal collections and public archives published in the Greek press during the 1970s and 1980s. Followed by a conversation between the two.


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The Figurine: When Beauty Inspires Crime

At The Hellenic Centre on 14 May 2024

Victoria Hislop’s latest book, The Figurine, explores how a woman finds a Cycladic figurine among the belongings she inherited from her late grandparents in Athens. Hislop interrogates the questionable acquisition of ancient artefacts by people and countries. Join us as she discusses her inspiration, the research she undertook before writing the book and the issues surrounding the theft of stolen archaeological treasures.


Vakia: A Singer’s Journey

At The Hellenic Centre on 11 May 2024

Described by the French press as ‘a highly sophisticated and enchanting artist that makes one hear the vast beauty of her voice’ (Bertrand Dicale, Radio France), internationally acclaimed singer and songwriter Vakia Stavrou performs songs from her new album Vakia, accompanied by Socrates Leptos on classical guitar.


Fabulous Creatures: Women Between Reality and Myth

At The Hellenic Centre on 09 May 2024

A never before told story of the female monsters of The Odyssey, blending humour and darkness, myth and modernity and raising questions on stereotyping and bias. Theatre Director Emily Louizou in conversation with the play’s Executive Producer Elizabeth Filippouli, on the occasion of their new play at the Arcola Theatre in London.



Western & Eastern Influences in Christodoulos Georgiades’ Music

At The Hellenic Centre on 27 Apr 2024

Composer and pianist Christodoulos Georgiades discusses the basic building blocks of music and together with the Waldstein Trio perform an evening of chamber music, including a London premiere of three of Georgiades’ most recent piano works and his ‘Corona Trio,’ composed in 2020.

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Alexander the Great and his Legacy in Central Asia

At The Hellenic Centre on 26 Apr 2024

An exclusive panel presentation and discussion delving into the profound legacy of Alexander the Great in Central Asia. The event promises to shed light on the historical, cultural and archaeological impacts of one of history’s most iconic figures through the lens of esteemed experts in the field.


Institutions in the Age of Precarity: Technologies, Materials and Imagination

At The Hellenic Centre on 25 Apr 2024

Discover how technologies ranging from paint to virtual reality have been used as methods to reclaim creative expression during times of temporality, precarity and institutional fragmentation. With Dr Alexandra Antonopoulou and Dr Gabriel Menotti.


Think Future: Innovation in Everyday Life

At The Hellenic Centre on 20 Apr 2024

Engage with outstanding innovators and learn how technology can shape our future. Watch live demonstrations of initiatives from various sectors, including EduTech, MedTech, BioTech, Digital Arts, Sustainability, Cybersecurity and Robotics. In collaboration with the Hellenic Tech Network. Open to all. 


Who has the Right to Speak and Act in the Public Space?

At The Hellenic Centre on 28 Mar 2024

Reflecting on a series of public artworks in Greece commissioned by London-based Counterpoints Arts, the artists Tamara Al Mashouk, Eirini Linardaki and Adrian Paci engage in a conversation with the co-curators Almir Koldzic and Niovi Zarampouka-Chatzimanou. 


Costas Tsoclis: From the Early Days to Living Painting, NFTs and Beyond

At The Hellenic Centre on 21 Mar 2024

Acclaimed artist Costas Tsoclis comes to London for the first time since 1975. Join him for an intimate journey through his contemporary art creations to the recent NFT innovations and beyond. Irini Mirena Papadimitriou, Creative Director at FutureEverything, will moderate a conversation and Q&A with Costas Tsoclis.

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In Conversation with English School Alumni

At The Hellenic Centre on 20 Mar 2024

Join us for a nostalgic trip down memory lane at the Hellenic Centre. A chance to reminisce and create new memories with fellow alumni.

See you there!

Event organised by the English School Alumni and Friends Association (UK).



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Lord Byron and the Spirit of Anglo-Hellenism: A Bicentenary Commemoration

At The Hellenic Centre on 19 Mar 2024

Two hundred years on from his death at Messolonghi in Greece, on 19 April 1824, the reputation and allure of Lord Byron show no signs of diminishing. He surely remains by quite some margin the most important figure in the history of modern British-Greek relations. In this panel event, consisting of individual papers and an expert discussion, we examine Byron’s Hellenism, consider his final, fateful  activities in Greece, and take a glance at his legacy in Greece.


Kathara Deftera Celebration with Music and Food

At The Hellenic Centre on 18 Mar 2024

Join us for a traditional ‘panigiri’ with Kourelou and the London Greek Collective in a celebration for Kathara Deftera


Children’s Carnival

At The Hellenic Centre on 16 Mar 2024

Celebrate the Greek Carnival with music and play group Asterakia. This family event is a great opportunity to learn about Greek customs whilst having fun! Featuring games, singing, dancing with the traditional gaitanaki and much more! Children will have the opportunity to engage in art and craft activities with a qualified art teacher. 

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Greek and British Female Poets talk about Poetry and read their Poems

At The Hellenic Centre on 13 Mar 2024

The Hellenic Ministry of Culture, on the occasion of The London Book Fair 2024, is delighted to invite you to the event “Greek and British Female Poets talk about Poetry and read their Poems” on Wednesday, March 13th, at 19:00, at The Hellenic Centre.

Book launch

Mark Hadjipateras Book Launch & Discussion

At The Hellenic Centre on 12 Mar 2024

Join us for the launch of Mark Hadjipateras, HOMEWARD, the new book on artist Mark Hadjipateras, accompanied by a discussion with art curator and writer Gelly Gryntaki and introduced by president and CEO of ABRAMS, Mary McAveney. The book journeys Hadjipateras’ works from the beginning of his career in the mid-seventies until today. It presents his richly varied artistic output that equally includes paintings and sculptures, monotypes and drawings, ceramics and assemblages, all of them interconnected. 


Ancient Tastes: Tradition and Change in Hellenistic Athens

At The Hellenic Centre on 09 Mar 2024

Delve into Hellenistic Athens with a unique feast for food lovers and history enthusiasts, served with delicious Greek wines. The dinner is inspired by the banquets of the affluent and the tables of the poor who lived in Athens from 323 BC to 86 BC. Accompanied by a lecture on food tradition and change in Hellenistic Athens. Limited spaces available. 



Messengers and Communication in Ancient Mythology & Drama with Evdoxia Lymperi

At The Hellenic Centre on 29 Feb 2024

What is the equivalent of journalistic correspondence in ancient drama? Who were the people tasked with reporting happenings elsewhere? Theatrologist and the Greek Public Broadcaster ERT London correspondent Evdoxia Lymperi takes you on a trip into the magnificent world of ancient Greek drama and mythology, along with real and fantasy characters who were created to deliver communications in the ancient world. 

Member Society Events

Dinner Dance

At Grosvenor House Hotel on 24 Feb 2024

The Hellenic Engineers Society of Great Britain is happy to confirm that our 29th Anniversary Dinner Dance will be held at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane, on Saturday February 24th 2024 and as every year, is expected to be the most glamorous and successful event of the London-Hellenic shipping calendar.
Organised by the Hellenic Engineers Society of Great Britain.