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Songs of Asia Minor

At The Hellenic Centre on 29 Oct 2022

Asia Minor music reflects the synthesis of the western tradition of polyphony with the eastern tradition of modes and microtones. During the great population movement in the Balkans in the early 20th century, outstanding musicians from Constantinople, Smyrna and the west coast of Asia Minor settled on the Greek islands and ports. They integrated into the local music scenes and gave shape to a new musical genre identified as “Asia Minor Song”, “Santurovioli” or “Early Rebetika”.

Music by Kyriakos Gouventas Collective.

Organised by the Hellenic Centre


The Promise

At The Hellenic Centre on 29 Oct 2022

With award winning performance storyteller Anna Conomos-Wedlock

The Promise is a powerful and evocative story written and dramatically performed by the award-winning international Performance Storyteller, Anna Conomos-Wedlock. Anna’s performance of the story is dynamic, interactive and theatrical, drawing on the meaning of homeland, displacement, memory and friendship and set against the backdrop of the population exchange between Greece and Turkey in 1922.

Accompanied by legendary rebetiko musician Spiros Bolovinis, Bouzouki, Tzouras, Vocals.

The Promise is a story suitable for both adults and children over the age of 7.

Organised by the Hellenic Centre


Screening of Bouboulina

At The Hellenic Centre on 27 Oct 2022

Premiere of Bouboulina (Kostas Andritsos, 1959) with English subtitles with an introduction by Dr Lydia Papadimitriou.

Image caption: Irene Papas as Bouboulina gives an inspirational speech at the launch of the Revolution. Still from Bouboulina reproduced with permission from Alexis Andritsos and Panagiotis Kakavias.

Organised by the Centre for Hellenic Studies at King’s College London, the Society for Modern Greek Studies and supported by The Hellenic Centre


Byzantine Music: an Ode to God and its Path through Time

At The Hellenic Centre on 21 Oct 2022

Be taken on a musical journey through time and eras, to follow the history and evolution of Byzantine music and participate in an interactive experience that includes the notation and chants of this liturgical music.

Organised by Omilos Eksipiretiton.


Tears, Treachery… and Just A Little Murder

At The Hellenic Centre on 16 Oct 2022

Dame Siân Phillips and Stephen Greif give voice to the different responses of male and female figures in Greek literature as they experience the big emotions like love, desire and hate. Both genders show they can be extremely vengeful. It’s as if very little has changed in the last 2,000 years, only the scenery.

Organised by the Hellenic Centre

Thessaloniki during the Byzantine Era

At The Hellenic Centre on 14 Oct 2022

Panel presentations and discussion on Byzantine Thessaloniki by Dr Maria G. Xanthou Mr Henry Hopwood-Phillips and Dr Anastasios Tantsis.

Organised by the Macedonian Society of Great Britain

How will Technology Continue to Impact Our Everyday Lives?

At The Hellenic Centre on 13 Oct 2022

While Technology is part of almost every aspect of daily life now, the emergence of smart technologies will shape our wellbeing in the future.

Organised by The Hellenic Centre

Book launch

Story Telling in Mathematics

At The Hellenic Centre on 07 Oct 2022

Story telling in mathematics can be a fascinating way to draw connections between mathematical discoveries (or inventions!) and the needs of the times they were emerging.

Ioanna Georgiou will discuss some of the stories that have been used in teaching and workshops, and that feature in “Mathematical Adventures!” and “Peculiar Deaths of Famous Mathematicians”, her two illustrated children’s books with special focus on Greek mathematicians.

Organised by The Hellenic Centre

The Refugee Lesson: Life in Kokkinia Among the Mikrasiates of 1923

At The Hellenic Centre on 03 Oct 2022

An illustrated presentation about life in Kokkinia/Nikaia, a settlement created to house Orthodox Christians expelled from their homeland through the Lausanne Convention of 1923. The speaker Professor Renée Hirschon lived there for over a year in 1970 and has maintained her ties up to the present day.

Organised by The Hellenic Centre

The Marvellous Journey of Theodore of Tarsus

At The Hellenic Centre on 29 Sep 2022

Using fascinating manuscript evidence, Michael Wood will tell the story of Theodore of Tarsus (c.602-690AD) and his comrade Hadrian the African (630/7-710AD), who introduced Greek culture to England in the seventh century in ‘one of the most important educational programmes ever undertaken in Britain’.

Organised by the Anglo-Hellenic League.

Book launch

Smyrna On My Mind

At The Hellenic Centre on 28 Sep 2022

35th Levantine Heritage Foundation gathering in London with guest speaker George Galdies

Presentation and launch of the book “Smyrna On My Mind” by George Galdies; a collection of his late father’s thought-provoking memories of Smyrna in the 1920s, and the author’s own narratives on growing up in the Izmir of the mid-twentieth century.

Organised by the Levantine Heritage Foundation

Book launch

Apollo Cokkinis: Proud Greek, Proud Briton: From Odessa and Smyrna to London and Dorking

At The Hellenic Centre on 21 Sep 2022

Alan Charlton ex British diplomat and author of Apollo Cokkinis – From Odessa To Dorking, An Extraordinary Life (published June 2022) will talk about the amazing life of Apollo John Cokkinis, son of international Greek opera singers with whom he travelled widely as a child.

Organised by The Hellenic Centre


maMA, TROo BAmies/ Mum, I eat ocra now

At The Hellenic Centre on 17 Jul 2022

A community theatre project. Α devised, playful performance about real experiences of Greek immigrants in the UK.

Organised by Teleporta theatre workshop Supported by The Hellenic Centre

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine; Global and regional implications for the Eastern Mediterranean

At The Hellenic Centre on 01 Jul 2022

A continuation of the training course and both are free to all participants offered by Estia after more than two years of inactivity due to Covid-19.

There will be a panel of three speakers: Professor Neophytos Loizides, Professor Myria A. Georgiou and Dr.Mustafa Kutlay.

An event to engage the Cypriot communities with current global debates and also seek the opportunity to start thinking of lessons and possibilities for cooperation for the region surrounding Cyprus and Greece-Turkey as well as ways to assist victims of the conflict in Ukraine and contributing to de-escalation.

Organised by Cypriot Estia

Face to Face Negotiation and Mediation training course

At The Hellenic Centre on 01 Jul 2022

Professor Neophytos Loizides will deliver a 3-hour face to face negotiations and mediations training course to members of the Cypriot diaspora.

Organised by Cypriot Estia

Summer Children’s Event with Asterakia

At The Hellenic Centre on 26 Jun 2022

Come and join us for a lovely summery session! We will explore the sights, sounds and creatures found at the beach through songs, vocal play and fun movement activities.

Event suitable for ages: 0 – 10 years old

Please note that this event will be mainly in Greek, but help will provided for those who find this difficult.

Organised by the Hellenic Centre


Moon, 66 Questions

At nationwide on 24 Jun 2022

Written and directed by Greek filmmaker Jacqueline Lentzou was a critical success in last year’s Berlinale, won the Golden Puffin at Reykjavík International Film Festival, won Best Actress at Nouveau Cinema and the Cineuropa Award for Best Film at Sarajevo. It will be released nationwide in cinemas on 24 June.

Watch the trailer here.

John Craxton: A Greek Soul

At The Hellenic Centre on 16 Jun 2022

For the centenary of the Philhellene painter and designer John Craxton, a celebratory exhibition is running at the Benaki Museum in Athens from 13 April to 11 September before travelling to Chania. Curator/biographer Ian Collins will give us a virtual tour and recall a remarkable life.

Books will be on sale at a special price

Organised by The Hellenic Centre

Vassos Karagiorgis: His Life and Work – Personal testimonies

At The Hellenic Centre on 14 Jun 2022

A tribute, in Greek, to Vassos Karagiorgis by the journalist and writer Costas Serezis, author of the book “Vassos Karagiorgis as I met him”.

Find out more about the speaker in Greek here

Organised by the Hellenic Centre


Mythical Song: Myth, Word, Melody

At The Hellenic Centre on 12 Jun 2022

A concert inspired by the myths and legends of Cyprus, Greece and Europe with works by Constantinos Stylianou, Claude Debussy, Yianni Constantinidi.

Organised by the Cyprus High Commission – Cultural Section. Sponsored by the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth – Cultural Services.