About the Hellenic Centre

Established in 1994 in the heart of London, the Hellenic Centre is a thriving cultural hub which promotes exchanges and connections between Britain, Greece and Cyprus, the Greek-speaking world and beyond. Collaborating with artists, academics and cultural practitioners from the UK and around the world, the Hellenic Centre is host to a wide range of events, from talks to film screenings, exhibitions to dance and music. Most of our events are free as we are committed to bringing engaging and stimulating work to our diverse audiences.

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The Hellenic Centre was founded as a charity almost 30 years ago


The Hellenic Centre wouldn’t exist without the generosity, goodwill and hard work of our supporters, donors and members

The Library

Our library boasts an impressive multilingual library of several hundred books, with an extensive collection of books on Greek and Cypriot history, geography, and literature.

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