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Lunchtime Symposia Series – Symposium 1 – Health

At Online on 20 May 2021

Covid-19 and the Cypriots Diaspora in the UK

The Cyprus Centre at the University of Westminster has arranged a series of on-line lunchtime symposia themed on Covid-19 and its manifold and diverse impact on citizens of the Cypriot diaspora in Britain. The symposia series is organised in collaboration with the Cyprus High Commission.

This conference is being arranged by the Cyprus Centre of the University of Westminster in collaboration with the Cultural Section of the Cyprus High Commission in London and with the support AG Leventis Foundation.


on 20 May 2021

This event will be in Greek

Θα φιλοξενηθεί από το διαδικτυακό κανάλι ΑΝΙΧΝΕΥΣΕΙΣ WEB TV του έγκριτου δημοσιογράφου Παντελή Σαββίδη
Συντονισμός: Δήμητρα Σφενδόνη-Μέντζου, Πρόεδρος του Διεπιστημονικού Κέντρου Αριστοτελικών Μελετών, Ομότιμη Καθηγήτρια Φιλοσοφίας της Επιστήμης, ΑΠΘ.

Organised by the Interdisciplinary Center for Aristotle Studies, AUTh

Η Επιστροφή των Αγωνιστών του Αλεξάνδρου Υψηλάντη στην Ελλάδα,1822-1823

At Online on 16 May 2021

The return of Alexandros Ipsilantis Fighterd in Greece, 1822-1823

A lecture in Greek by Dr Georgios Guekos.

Organised by the Worldwide Association of Magnesians abroad.


Online Exhibition: 01 by Minas Kampasis

At Online between 10 May 202106 Jun 2021

A compilation of 7 short clips (edited by the artist) on human interactions in the digital era.

Visit the exhibition


Online Concert in Solidarity with the Seafarers and Their Families Around the World

At Online between 07 May 202111 May 2021

The Tsavliris Cultural Foundation, in an effort to raise awareness about the tremendous impact Covid-19 has had on seafarers globally and to provide support to the crews who are on the front line of this pandemic, organizes an online concert with prizewinning British Cypriot soprano, Katerina Mina. Katerina will perform her one-artist operatic program, recorded at the Great Hall of the Hellenic Centre of London, accompanying herself on the piano. Watch the concert here.

Organised by Tsavliris Cultural Foundation, supported by the Hellenic Centre


On Demand: This is not Romeo and Juliet

At Online between 02 May 202105 May 2021

Directed by Argiris Pantzaras
Based on Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”
* The show has the ability to select subtitles in Greek or English.

The Hellenic Centre is happy to be one of the media sponsors for the livestreamed performance of This is not Romeo and Juliet from the Poreia Theatre Athens Greece. Find all of the sponsors here.


You are like the sea – Μοιάζεις κι εσύ σαν θάλασσα

At Online between 01 May 202103 May 2021

Join us for this year’s Greek Easter online celebration concert with musicians from the group A la Greca.


Perpetual Urban Motion by Dimitris Nikolaou

At Online between 12 Apr 202109 May 2021

An online photography exhibition by urban photographer Dimitris Nikolaou.

Solar System Discovery / Ανακαλύπτοντας το Ηλιακό Σύστημα

At Online on 10 Apr 2021

Explore the universe with the Royal Museums Greenwich, in their popular online show delivered in other Greek.

Organised by the Royal Museums Greenwich

Conversations About Greece series, Southern Europe and the making of a Global Revolutionary South.

At Online on 09 Apr 2021

The Program in Modern Greek Studies at Brown University invites you to join us for the final webinar in the Conversations About Greece series, Southern Europe and the making of a Global Revolutionary South. This event is co-hosted by Modern Greek Studies, Hispanic Studies, Italian Studies, and Portuguese & Brazilian Studies.

Maurizio Isabella (Queen Mary College, London) will be in conversation with Holly Case (Brown) about Greece and Southern Europe in the Age of Revolutions.

“The Noblest Cause”

At Online on 02 Apr 2021

“The Noblest Cause” – Revisiting the Greek War of Independence Two Hundred Years Later

A virtual panel discussion with Professor Stathis Kalyvas and Professor Aristides Hatzis on the Greek Revolution of 1821

Organised by The Macedonian Society of Great Britain

Challenging Euripides: Thoughts on Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke’s poem ‘Iphigenia’s refusal’ by Dr Liana Giannakopoulou

At Online on 31 Mar 2021

The final lecture in the Language, Culture and Myths lecture series, by Dr Liana Giannakopoulou teacher of Modern Greek Literature in the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics of the University of Cambridge.

Organised by The Hellenic Centre and The Cambridge Centre for Greek Studies, University of Cambridge

Ravenna and Constantinople in the sixth-eighth centuries

At Online on 30 Mar 2021

In this illustrated talk, Professor Judith Herrin will address the status of Ravenna as the empire’s outpost in the West; its importance for diplomatic, military and cultural connections with Constantinople and Greek culture; and the evidence of knowledge, and appreciation, of early medieval Greek within the city. She will take us to some of the principal monuments and remains of the city from the sixth to the eighth centuries.

Organised by the Anglo-Hellenic League


1821-2021 Greece Celebrates the Bicentennial of the Greek Revolution

At Online on 25 Mar 2021

On March 25th, the Embassy of Greece in the United Kingdom will celebrate the anniversary for 200 years after the Greek revolution with an original audio-visual project.
This commemorative production aims to honour the Bicentenary, highlighting aspects of the War for Independence as well as the long-standing friendship between Greece and the United Kingdom which played a decisive role in support of the Greek struggle for Independence and ultimately the establishment of the modern Greek state.
Watch on Facebook or YouTube

Organised by the Embassy of Greece in the United Kingdom

Greek Poetry in the Roman Empire by Prof Tim Whitmarsh

At Online on 24 Mar 2021

The third lecture in the Language, Culture and Myths lecture series, by Prof Tim Whitmarsh FBA, the A. G. Leventis Professor of Greek Culture at the University of Cambridge.

Organised by The Hellenic Centre and The Cambridge Centre for Greek Studies, University of Cambridge

Celebrating International Poetry Day – The poet Yiannis Efthymiadis

At Online on 21 Mar 2021

On the occasion of International Poetry Day the Hellenic Centre invites Katerina Kostiou, Professor of Modern Greek Studies (University of Patras) to discuss with the poet Yiannis Efthymiadis all about poetry and poetic works, as well as his own poetry collections.

The event will be in Greek.

Video available here on 21 March at 3pm

In Search of the Last Greek Infinitive by Dr Ioanna Sitaridou

At Online on 17 Mar 2021

The second lecture in the Language, Culture and Myths lecture series, by Dr Ioanna Sitaridou Reader in Spanish and Historical Linguistics; Head of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Cambridge; Deputy Director for the Cambridge Centre for Greek Studies; and Fellow at Queens’ College.

Organised by The Hellenic Centre and The Cambridge Centre for Greek Studies, University of Cambridge


HC Carnival and Kathara Deftera Celebration

At Online between 13 Mar 202115 Mar 2021

With Kourelou and the London Greek Collective

Who says that a lockdown celebration of Carnival and Kathara Deftera is not possible? At the Hellenic Centre we always celebrate Carnival and this year will be no different!

Celebrate with us online anytime from Saturday 13 March, 8.30pm until Monday 15 March, 11.30pm!

Greek as a Heritage Language by Prof Ianthi Maria Tsimpli

At Online on 10 Mar 2021

The first lecture in the Language, Culture and Myths lecture series, by Prof Ianthi Maria Tsimpli Chair of English and Applied Linguistics, co-Director of the Cambridge Centre for Greek Studies and Fellow of Fitzwilliam College, at the University of Cambridge.

Organised by The Hellenic Centre and The Cambridge Centre for Greek Studies, University of Cambridge


Touch by Valentini Mavrodoglou

At Online between 08 Mar 202110 Apr 2021

An online exhibition of watercolours by visual artist, educator and illustrator Valentini Mavrodoglou.