Online Screenings and Performances

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Greek Fringe

We have partnered with Greek Fringe an initiative founded in Australia, now a global community, on a series of virtual events.

Greek Fringe is all about unveiling independent artists who are not afforded the attention they deserve and to curate events that do just that!

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Χρονικό για μία απουσία

A chronicle for an absence – A lock down project by Anastasia Revi and Evangelia Roussou. Five very short stories about loss; love; memory; compassion; acceptance.

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“Connie and Ronnie” were meant to perform at the Hellenic Centre in July, as that has not been possible they recorded Υπομονή-Patience for us.

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Reading Greek Tragedy Online

Every Wednesday there is a new reading of scenes from a different tragedy brought to you by Out of Chaos Theatre, Center for Hellenic Studies, and the Kosmos Society.

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2019 HC Easter Celebrations

Join us on a journey of love melodies with songs from our 2019 Easter Celebration Ήρθες σαν την Άνοιξη / You’ve arrived like the Spring..

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An online screening of the timeless ancient story of the wildest and most passionate women in the history of theatre. Available from Thursday 30 July, 7pm

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Six Nights on the Acropolis

The only completed novel written by the Nobel Laureate poet George Seferis with Stamatis Kraounakis and Directed by Anastasia Revi

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The Cloakroom Attendant

Performed at The Hellenic Centre in Greek in 2019, watch Dimitra Barla’s shared with us this English version of this fantastic performance recorded in Copenhagen.

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Waves and Bridges: Pavlos Carvalho & Friends

Bridging friends and musicians not only throughout the UK but across the waves…each part recorded remotely from whichever part of the world they were in and then weaved together to make one beautiful, unified piece of music.

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