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What nearly everyone has been deprived of this past year. Touching, along with the need of connecting and communicating through the physical contact, are portrayed in a bold yet sensitive watercolour narrative in Valentini Mavrodoglou’s online exhibition.

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The communication of people through the communication of the bodies is being depicted as a first-class matter in Valentini Mavrodoglou’s watercolor works.

The need of communication throughout physical contact, where the body is a receiver and a beacon of the primary exchange of any kind of message is the main matter and is being depicted strongly but sensitively simultaneously in the artists works.

In every piece we can observe a variety of couples that suggest shadow and light at the same time, presence and absence, creating a game of love, a tender desire of a memory or an emotional wound.

The shadowy figures are dominant while they are tumbling at the moment of history of every piece, trying to win space and attention while the black color represents a void, a black hole, an absent figure.

On the contrary, the colorful figure is being suggested as an equal force to the black figure and it symbolises the absolute balance that communicates with the complex of every individual piece. The colors are flowing rich like blood in veins and it contrasts with the ‘shadowy existence’.

These series of works are debating the human need of real communication and/trough physical contact that is beyond erotic relationships and is needed deeply by the community.

Athens December 2020
Dimitra Siaterli
Visual artist

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Artworks of the "Touch" Exhibition

Valentini Mavrodoglou

Valentini Mavrodoglou (born in Athens in 1989) is a visual artist, educator, and illustrator. In 2007 she began her studies on the Fashion Design industry at Pan-Sic Scuola di Moda. She continued her training in Graphic Desing Arts at IEK Praxis, and finally graduated from the School of Fine Arts of the University of Western Macedonia in Florina with a Master’s Degree in Fine Art & Printmaking.

Her artworks have been presented in several solo and group exhibitions and her work can be found in private collections around the world. As a visual artist she has participated in four biennials (7th Biennale Faculties students Arts of Greece, 3th Biennale Santorini, 2nd International Watercolor Biennale Pakistan 2018, 8th Biennale Faculties students Arts of Greece)

Valentini recently participated in the Greek and Japanese contemporary printmaking Exhibition at 3 different places, Piraeus – Greece, at the Washi-no-Sato – Japan and the Metropolitan Museum in Tokyo, April-August & November of 2019.

She is an active member of the Greek Printmakers’ Association since 2017. She works and lives in Athens. She is currently teaching art education classes in the Athens Printmaking Art Center Pandolfini & Siaterli in Athens, Greece.

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