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In January 2019 the #TextMe_PaperFashion pop-up exhibition was especially created to mark UNESCO’S Athens 2018, World Book Capital, and the Hellenic Centre’s 25th Anniversary. This exhibition was organised by the Greek cultural organisation ATOPOS Contemporary Visual Culture’s Paper Dress Collection and The Hellenic Centre.

📆#TextMe_PaperFashion Exhibition was at the Hellenic Centre 16 January 2019 – 24 February 2019

Exhibition information

Can paper be considered a textile material? Paper and textile have always been closely related to one another and both have been two of the most important cultural items in the history of humanity. Textile as well as paper is made of fibres. The difference is that textile can be made of both natural vegetable or animal fibres as well as synthetic fibres, whereas the basic component of paper is cellulose.

In Western culture, paper is always associated with writing, printing and the dissemination of ideas through texts. The term ‘text’ relates to ‘texture’ and ‘textile’ and traces back to texo– ‘to weave’, referring to the way words and sentences are ‘woven’ together. According to an old metaphor, a thought is a thread, and the raconteur is a spinner of yarns – but the true storyteller, the poet, is a weaver.

Are there such things as garments that can be read like written pages? However strange this may sound there are clothes from different cultures and historical periods that are made of paper covered with texts. When these ‘written’ garments are worn they can send out messages and much more.

The exhibition #TextMe_PaperFashion investigates this relationship between paper and text in fashion. It narrates the little-known story of paper garments and attempts to highlight the many ways in which typographic elements, such as words, logos, headlines, slogans and even poems have been integrated into paper fashion.

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