Perpetual Urban Motion

Online Exhibition

The City.

The people, the buildings, the sea, all that surrounds it. In constant motion.

Thousands of images.

The magic of urban photography is that within a fraction of a second after the camera clicks, everything changes.

But the moment you captured here it remains. As an image of the past.

At the point your attention is focused the light changes, the sun is against you, clouds pass by, the light disappears.

And then, while waiting, you see an image that stimulates your mind.

You click the camera…

Exhibition Information

Have you ever wondered what photography is? In the era of Instagram and with over 1.43 trillion photographs taken just in 2020, nearly everybody has turned into a potential photographer. But what is it really photography?

Greek born street photographer Dimitris Nikolaou gives us a hint on what photography is all about:

Photography is capturing the moment.
Photography is turning your imagination into an image.
Photography is finding light inside darkness.

His lens momentarily captures the urban beauty of a city perpetually in motion.

Perpetual Urban Motion Photographs