Palimpsest Motherland

Online Exhibition

Greek born and raised, poet and visual artist Yiannis Efthymiadis presents his first exhibition at the Hellenic Centre ‘PALIMPSEST MOTHERLAND’; an exhibition of lithographic monoprints, available online throughout the month of December.

Yiannis Efthymiadis is a recent graduate of Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece and has participated in two solo exhibitions and nine collective ones. Lithography and watercolours are his main interests as a visual artist.

Scroll down to view more videos and static images of the five subsections of the exhibition and enjoy Efthymiadis’s artistic journey!

Exhibition Information

‘PALIMPSEST MOTHERLAND’ consists of four sections; Palimpsest Wall Paintings, Fingerprints, From the Future, Lekythoi and Self-Portraits.

Yiannis’s artistic pursuit led him to choose lithography as a means of greater freedom of expression and wider experimentation. Its painterliness and the archetypal function of ‘writing’ on a surface meld the primitive pictorial imprint with modern abstraction, through the performative function of the ‘line’ as their connecting element, as he notes.

He goes on saying “In my ‘PALIMPSEST MOTHERLAND’ series, using lithographic monotypes on metal, I tried to imprint the outline of the human figure and the space it occupies and encloses while its displacement defines the space which surrounds it. The human body thus becomes a primary matrix, which creates the secondary matrix on the metal, which in turn creates the tertiary imprint on the paper.”

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Περισσότερα για την ‘ΠΑΛΙΜΨΗΣΤΗ ΠΑΤΡΙΔΑ’  και το έργο του Γιάννη Ευθυμιάδη εδώ.

Palimpsest Wall Paintings


From the Future