Bhutan, Smiling Faces From The Roof Of The World

A photographic rendering of Bhutan, a journey to the terra incognita of this Buddhist paradise, of the virgin nature, of the “laughing” people.

Nestling in the heart of the Great Himalayas between India and China, often called the “Crown Jewel of the Himalayas”, Bhutan does not often make headlines. Home to a unique identity, is a deeply spiritual land deriving from its religious and cultural heritage. The people live life by the simplest and purest fashion adhering to the importance of human values and a broader purpose of life. A unique aspect they have is that progress is not purely defined by economic achievements, as in most countries, but is based on the level of cultural and environmental preservation and development. They want prosperity but are not prepared to sacrifice their tradition and culture at any price. When the standard is production and consumption Bhutan simply cannot compete, so it came up with its own way to measure progress. It is the place where Gross National Happiness -as their King says- is more important than Gross National Product.

Find out more about Dimitra Stasinopoulou’s travels – read and download the e-book “Bhutan, Smiling Faces From The Roof Of The Worldhere

“Returning from a trip to Bhutan, in May 2008, I felt compelled to share this magical experience with as many people as possible, and through the photographs of this book to convey even a tiny fraction of that smiling, unknown world that deserves to be discovered. Thus the idea of this album was born.”
– Dimitra Stasinopoulou

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Dimitra Stasinopoulou

Born in Athens in 1953. She worked for twenty years for banking sector and she resigned in 1994 to work for the family business in Romania. In 2005 her first book Romania of My Heart was published. From then on her love for travelling in remote destinations of the world and her need to share the images she was bringing back, led her to the publication of the books: Bhutan, Smiling Faces from the Roof of the World, India – Unity in Diversity, and Bhurma’s Plea.

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