01 by Minas Kampasis

Artist Note

01 by Minas Kampasis postcardDuring this time of mostly visual – or to put it in a more correct way, digital – relations and situations, we all have felt these same relations and situations fade into the background of a screen and become flatter and more two-dimensional than we wish them to. In what way, is this portrayed in a wider frame, which may include a home, a neighbourhood, a society? Surely, in a frame as wide, we do not only count on our digital tools. Perhaps relations and situations were a bit linear all along.

Once we unravel a skein, we end up with a thread, a single line, and once we gather that line up, we have a new, single-line design. Then maybe, everything is relevant? And why not weave with our line? What will we end up with? What will we create? What will that mean to the person next to us? Everything IS relevant!
Human beings in a mob.
What is a mob to a king?
What is a king to a god?
What is a god to a non-believer?

Our single-line design is the human being, the mob, the king, the god and the non-believer.

It is like a DNA sequence, a single shape, yet many shapes. It forms monsters, dreams, ambitions, vanity, actions, characters, images and a plethora of concepts, which, like the skein becoming an embroidery, unravel and come together like the aspects of our own selves.

An endless dualism in the attempt of a Kafkaesque observation of modern cosmogony. With a series of allegorical representations, like another mirror of modern reality, concentrated pixels convey the image of imaginary creatures and dream associations with a black and white stimulus of grotesque minimalism and present an attempt to solve the biggest question that runs through human nature, which is:

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Online Exhibition

Press play to watch a compilation of 7 short clips (edited by the artist) on human interactions in the digital era.