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An online exhibition of the Greek born Valentini Mavrodoglou on the physical touch as a means of human connection and communication.

Upcoming Exhibitions

The Hand of Panagiotis Zographos, the Mind of Makriyannis
An exhibition of plates illustrating scenes from the War of Independence.
Organised by the Hellenic Centre under the aegis of the Greece 2021 Committee, sponsored by Mrs Edmée Leventis.
Dates to be confirmed

1821 Commemorative Lecture Series: The Greek War of Independence Revisited
Organised by the Hellenic Centre.

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Palimpsest Motherland

Greek born and raised, poet and visual artist Yiannis Efthymiadis presents his first exhibition at the Hellenic Centre; an exhibition of lithographic monoprints.

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In January 2019 the pop-up exhibition #TextMe_PaperFashion came to the Hellenic Centre. Revisit the exhibition online today.

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40 Images of the Hagia Sophia

With the Hagia Sophia opening its gates as a mosque from 24 July 2020 look back with these photos of the Hagia Sophia from Dimitra Stasinopoulou

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Bhutan, Smiling Faces From The Roof Of The World

A photographic rendering of Bhutan, a journey to this Buddhist paradise, of the virgin nature by Dimitra Stasinopoulou

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Cyprus – The Holy Island

Watch this documentary mostly in Greek, but with presentations in English from the 2001 Exhibition at the Hellenic Centre, describing the exhibition and the history of Christianity in Cyprus.

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Dust – Σκόνη

Costas Papageorgiou, Greek photographer and visual artist, presents his first exhibition in the UK; an online multiform project based on the play Dust written by author Eleni Chatzi.

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