Virtual Events

Virtual Events

Our events are open to anyone interested in Greek and Cypriot culture.

23 Nov

Opera Night

The prizewinning British soprano and pianist, Katerina Mina, who has performed at the Hellenic Centre, launches her one-woman show at Crazy Coqs, performing a Covid-safe operatic programme from the piano!

Video Series

We asked a number of people what the Hellenic Centre means to them. Watch our video series the Hellenic Centre Connects to find out more.

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Listen to Υπομονή-Patience performed for us by Connie and Ronnie, music from last years Easter Celebration by Plastikes Karekles. Watch a different Greek Tragedies each week from Out of Chaos Theatre, listen Χρονικό για μία απουσία; a lock down project by Anastasia Revi and Evangelia Roussou.


Lectures, Book Launches and Discussions

Watch Dr Liana Giannakopoulou give a talk on the life and work of the famous Greek poet Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke. Learn about nutrition with Dr Despo Papachristodoulou or find out the inspiration behind Nadia Marks latest novel.

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Watch a documentary featuring the 2001 exhibition “Cyprus – The Holy Island” or revisit the 2019 #TextMe_PaperFashion exhibition, organised for the Hellenic Centre’s 25th Anniversary. Or travel to the a Buddhist paradise of Bhutan on a photographic journey, with Dimitra Stasinopoulou.