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From05 Oct 2021 Tuesday
To 30 Mar 2022 Wednesday

1821 Visions of Freedom: The Hand of Zographos, The Mind of Makriyannis

An exhibition of plates illustrating scenes from the Greek War of Independence. The plates from a limited edition prepared in 1926 by Frédéric Boissonas and John Gennadius reproduce the famous originals of 1836-1839 commissioned by General Makriyannis from Dimitrios Zographos to illustrate his own history of the war.

Curators: Natasha Lemos, Olympia Pappa

Design: Αlexis Veroucas

Organised by the Hellenic Centre under the aegis of the Greece 2021 Committee.  Sponsored by the A G Leventis Foundation.

The Hellenic Centre