The Greek Revolution 1821


1821 Visions of Freedom: The Hand of Zographos, The Mind of Makriyannis, The Zeal of Gennadius

1821 Το Οραμα της Λευτεριάς: Με το χέρι του Ζωγράφου, με το στοχασμό του Μακρυγιάννη, με την αφοσίωση του Γεννάδιου

An exhibition of plates illustrating scenes from the Greek War of Independence. The plates from a limited edition prepared in 1926 by Frédéric Boissonnas and John Gennadius reproduce the famous originals of 1836-1839 commissioned by General Makriyannis from Dimitrios Zographos to illustrate his own history of the war.

5 October 2021 – 30 March 2022

Organised by the Hellenic Centre under the aegis of the Greece 2021 Committee.  

Sponsored by the A G Leventis Foundation.

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1821 Commemorative Lecture Series: The Greek War of Independence Revisited

Friday 11 June 2021, 6pm Dr Maria Georgopoulou

“The Land of the Great, the Home of the Brave”. Echoes of the Greek War of Independence on Stage.

A lecture from the Director of the Gennadius Library

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18 June 2021, 6pm Dr Nicoletta Hadjipavlou

9 July 1821

An epic poem on the 1821 events in Cyprus by Vassilis Michaelides

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15 October 2021 Christina Angelopoulou

Με τη ματιά του Μυριβήλη στο 1821: Μια παληά, επίκαιρη ιστορία/
1821 Through Myrivilis’s Eyes:
Αn Old Story, a Timely Story.

A talk in Greek based on Stratis Myrivilis’s radio programme and unpublished archival material on 1821 held by the speaker, Myrivilis’s granddaughter.

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CANCELLED 27 October 2021 Stefanos Poulios

Stop this nonsense about Hellenism or I will destroy you” Symi Between Compromise and Revolt (1821-1830).

The role of Symi during the Greek War of Independence through the Ottoman archives.

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CANCELLED 15 November 2021 Evita Arapoglou

Famous and Lesser Known Images of the Greek War of Independence

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CANCELLED 22 November 2021 Michael Heslop

Reimagining the Past: The Knights of St John (Hospitallers) and the Greek Revolution of 1821

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 8 December 2021 Briony Llewellyn and Charles Newton

In the Footsteps of Lord Byron: John Frederick Lewis in Greece and Albania

Briony Llewellyn will introduce John Frederick Lewis (1804-1876), famed for the meticulous detail and jewel-like colours of his Orientalist paintings.  In 1840, Lewis travelled through Greece and Albania on his way to Constantinople, and made numerous very striking watercolours of the people and places that he encountered. Charles Newton has pieced together Lewis’s journey, and he will take up the story with an examination of what inspired him to take the particular route that he followed.

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14 December 2021 Dr Philip Mansel

Levantine Alternatives: Greeks in Constantinople, Smyrna and Alexandria after 1821

A lecture about how the Greeks who left  the new kingdom and went to live in these cosmopolitan cities contributed to the development of the fledgling kingdom.

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16 December 2021 Charicleia George Dimacopoulou

Τα πρόσωπα της Ιστορίας. Η Ιστορία έχει πρόσωπο
Faces of History. History has a face.

A talk in Greek on the new edition ‘History has a Face’ and focus on the importance of the testimony this book on the period of Otto’s reign, both historically and socially and the artistic value of the portraits.

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Organised by the Hellenic Centre