You are like the sea – Μοιάζεις κι εσύ σαν θάλασσα

Saturday 01 May 2021 – Monday 03 May 2021

Join us for this year’s Greek Easter online celebration concert with musicians from the group A la Greca.

We might not be able to crack red eggs together but we can all enjoy, over the long weekend, a programme of beloved songs written by Manolis Hiotis.

Celebrate with us anytime from Saturday 1 May, 8.30pm until Monday 3 May, 11.30pm!

A la Greca Group

Dimitris Gionis – bouzouki and vocals
Marina Deligianni – vocals and percussion
George Grigoriadis – piano and guitar
Thodoris Ziarkas
– double bass




£6 from Eventbrite


The concert will be available from Greek Megalo Savvato, 1 May at 8.30pm and will be available until Greek Easter Monday, 3 May at 11.30pm

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