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Women of Rebetiko

An event dedicated to the great female icons of re- betiko Eskenazy, Abatzi, Bellou, Haskil, Georgakopoulou, and Ninou among others. Noonie Minogue will lead a talk about the inspiration of the female singers of rebetiko to be followed by a concert with singers Marina De- ligianni, Katerina Clambaneva, Isidora Bouziouri, Sofia Pechlivani and Laura Fileri   accompanied   by   Manolis   Taouxis   (bouzouki),   Spiros     Bolovinis

(baglama), Pavlos Carvalho (bouzouki), Maria Tsirodimitri (guitar), Lydian Dhami (double bass), Michalis Iskas (violin).

Organised by Rebetiko Carnival. Supported by the Hellenic Centre.