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Where Do You Come From – Photographic Exhibition by D. Kourakos & A. Kapuscinska

Agni Kapuscinska, a performance artist, actress and teacher, uses a unique physical language which Dimitris Kourakos sets to capture with his photographic lens; together, they are working in a collaborative way which is still evolving.

This multidisciplinary project ‘Where Do You Come From’ is an ongoing video, photography and performance work always progressing, unfolding deep feelings and thoughts to the audience.

Accordring to the two artists, “the Animal symbolism is simply an animal within, the sacred  connection we have with nature, that part that we often neglect. We all share one Spirit  the essence of living energy, interconnecting our lives in the most profound ways.  It’s a long forgotten link to our ancient past where Therianthropes existed in the consciousness of our ancestors and were portrayed in prehistoric Art on rocks and caves and were  preserved within legends and myths”.