Touch by Valentini Mavrodoglou

Monday 08 Mar 2021 – Saturday 10 Apr 2021

An online exhibition by visual artist, educator and illustrator Valentini Mavrodoglou.

‘Touch’, a series of works in watercolours and acrylics on paper, is debating the human need of genuine communication also through physical contact that is beyond erotic relationships and is deeply rooted in the community.

As Dimitra Siaterli, Visual artist, points out, the need of communication via physical contact, where the body is a receiver and a beacon of the primary exchange of any kind of message is the main matter and is being depicted strongly but sensitively simultaneously in the artists works. In every piece we can observe a variety of couples that suggest shadow and light at the same time, presence and absence, creating a game of love, a tender desire of a memory or an emotional wound.

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