Think Future: Innovation in Everyday Life

Saturday 20 Apr 2024

The Hellenic Centre in collaboration with the Hellenic Tech Network invites you to an event open to all, where you can explore new technologies and learn more about the ways they affect our lives.

Engage with outstanding innovators and learn how technology can shape our future. Watch live demonstrations of initiatives from various sectors, including EduTech, MedTech, BioTech, Digital Arts, Sustainability, Cybersecurity and Robotics. In collaboration with the Hellenic Tech Network.

Join us for a day of insightful presentations with tech industry leaders!

Presentations and Q&As will be taking place throughout the day.

Participants include:

Aisthesis Medical | MedTech

ape2o | Sustainability

ARTES | Digital Art

Breez | Sustainability

Collaboration Laboratory | EduTech

Cyber Autonomy | Cybersecurity / Electric Vehicles

iCat Solutions – TransformMR | MedTech | Internet of Things

MammoCheck | BioTech

Nelum | Digital Art

Vevivo | Social Network


UCL Robotics | Dr Dimitrios Kanoulas | Humanoids / Animatronics

Additional information

About Aisthesis Medical

Aisthesis Medical envisions pioneering an interconnected acute care clinical decision-support platform that transforms patient care within and beyond hospital confines. Leveraging AI and medical-grade wearables, our system integrates patient health data for real-time risk analysis. Our approach, emphasising early detection through AI, aims to shift healthcare professionals from reactive to proactive care. This not only improves patient safety and treatment quality but also reduces hospital stays and costs, ultimately boosting survival rates.

About ape20

ape2o is the anti-plastic-bottle Water Company and is on a mission to eradicate single use plastic water bottles with a convenience sector revolution – a national city network of sophisticated water vending machines which dispense ultra-filtered, chilled still/sparkling water hygienically into peoples’ bottles for 25p a refill, attracting bottled water drinkers with a far cheaper, better tasting, more hygienic and convenient solution. ape2o donates 10% of all sales to ocean conservation, earning the highest B Corp award: “Top 5% Best for the World.” We are the highest scoring B Corp company in the UK for our “designed to give” Impact Business Model.


ARTES makes a significant societal impact by preserving cultural heritage through the digital management of artworks, and their accurate description. The digital platform, with its multimedia format, educates and engages enthusiasts. Collaborating with experts, ARTES advances art research and fosters transparency, crucial in preventing art fraud. By supporting artists and contributing to the art market, it adds value and builds trust. The company’s technological innovation aims to promote best practices within the art community.

About Breez

Breez helps companies measure, reduce and counteract emissions from employee travel and commuting. Leveraging its innovative mobile app telematics technology, Breez accurately tracks travel habits and calculates associated emissions in real-time, all in the background. To further encourage sustainable travel behaviours, it complements this data collection with a behaviour change rewards programme.

About Collaboration Laboratory

CoLab’s mission is to give future generations the toolbox of skills they need to thrive in the modern world: skills such as communication, leadership, problem solving, emotional intelligence and impulse control. We do this through immersive challenges (think Pokemon meets Sherlock Holmes!) and synchronous coaching. CoLab is a social impact business and to date we’ve given out $15k of scholarships through our robin hood model.

About Cyber Autonomy

CyberAutonomy is on a mission to inspire confidence in the electric vehicle charging ecosystem as it transitions to the mainstream market. Leveraging our robust infrastructure capabilities, we maintain the operational efficiency of EV charger networks despite growing maintenance challenges, raising cyber threats, and increased strain on the energy grid. By addressing these hurdles, we foster public trust and adoption in electric vehicles, while supporting a sustainable future in alignment with climate initiatives.

About iCat Solutions – TransformMR

Introducing a groundbreaking advancement in cardiac diagnostics: this innovative MRI technique and its specialized software enable 4D data analysis, significantly reducing the duration of scans. This breakthrough enhances patient care by increasing study capacity, reducing anesthesia needs, and offering comfort to vulnerable groups such as children, claustrophobic individuals, and those that may face physical challenges. It represents a transformative step in healthcare, seamlessly integrating patient comfort with unparalleled efficiency and safety.

About is tackling significant issues related to the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) concerns and user safety in the realm of Internet of Things (IoT). Socially, it contributes to the safety, trust, and well-being of citizens. It also helps prevent costly disruptions, fosters economic growth, and enhances a smart city’s reputation. The potential benefits can also be found in improved environmental monitoring, gains in resource usage, and enhanced environmental sustainability.

About MammoCheck

MammoCheck revolutionises women’s healthcare by providing an innovative solution for regular breast examinations at home. With the convenience of our AI-based application and a smartphone-attached thermal camera, women can actively monitor their breast health between mammography scans. Given the significant impact breast cancer has on women’s lives, this approach not only enhances early detection but also promotes a proactive and empowered approach to personal well-being.

About Nelum

As the blockchain provides a novel medium on which new art-forms are generated, Nelum enables prominent artists to issue unique masterpieces as digital collectibles (NFTs). Our objective is to explore the potential of this new medium, and to help build a community of people who create and appreciate art in the digital world, where the provenance of every artistic work is undeniable and digital collectibles act as tokens of membership.

About RoboHike

RoboHike aims at introducing novel cognitive learning on quadrupedal robots, to achieve fast, robust, and reliable navigation skills on challenging environments and terrains. RoboHike aims at the next-generation autonomous robotic systems in construction fields, agriculture, oil and gas, or damaged sites, where efficient navigation is required. The vision is to endow quadrupeds with environment cognition in autonomising manual labor of hard or dangerous tasks.

About Vevivo

Vevivo is a new social network that empowers users to have an active social life through meet-ups. On Vevivo we prioritise the social life of the user rather than likes. Vevivo also provides a central Hub to communities, a place to organise, grow and keep their members engaged with relevant features and content. Through these Hubs, communities can encourage their members to be more active on a daily basis.


The Hellenic Centre


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11:00 - 16:00