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The Preparation

‘The Preparation’

There are untold stories behind the scenes before every dancing performance.

How does it feel to be part of this preparation?
How do the dancers feel before they perform?

What preparations are taking place before the lights turn on?


The photographic project ‘The Preparation’ aims to shed light on the backstage scene of Lykion ton Hellinidon, London’.

With nostalgic black and white shots, the exhibition perfectly portrays the collaboration and focus before a performance as well paying attention to details such as small accessories.

The photographer Kostis Paraskevas, having experienced such preparations first-hand being a dancer for a long time of ‘Lykion ton Hellinidon, London’ wants to showcase that feverish preparation. Feelings are the protagonists rather than the magnificent patterns and costume colours.

This is the first photographic exhibition by Kostis Paraskevas and is supported by the Hellenic Centre.