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The London Hellenic Prize

Friday 10 Nov 2023

This year’s London Hellenic Prize was awarded to Caroline Vout for her seminal study of classical sculpture, Exposed: The Greek and Roman Body (published by Profile/Wellcome). 

Dr Vout’s book has received great plaudits from classicists, art historians and art critics for its originality and wide range. Classical sculpture is explored not only as the traditional representation of beauty or religious devotion, but also as the expression of realism, social requirements, human needs and aspirations of everyday life. From 7th century BC Greek to 4th century AD Roman art, Vout’s work speaks authoritatively and consistently about the interactions between human life, social and political change and their expressions in three-dimensional art forms, often as attempts to sculpt a vision of immortality.  At the Prize-giving ceremony, Oliver Taplin (Emeritus Professor of Classics, University of Oxford) will introduce Caroline Vout’s work on classical sculpture, and the award will be presented by H.E. the Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic Mr Ioannis Tsaousis. 


The Hellenic Centre


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