Thursday 12 Nov 2020 – Tuesday 17 Nov 2020

Telephone is a beautiful show made by an Englishman searching from his Greek roots!

Have you ever dialled a wrong number, picked up an unexpected call, or had one that changed the course of your life?

How much potential do these simple devices, our telephones, hold? And what do they tell us about our relationships, their fragility, the connection we experience, and the distances we travel?

Telephone is a live and gently interactive storytelling performance, all about conjuring that thing we’ve all been missing.

Dial in and experience miraculous moments of connection as stories are shared that might somehow bring us together, across cities, countries, even hemispheres. No audience is ever the same, therefore no performance is either. You never know who you might miss…

Catch the next run of Telephone at Voila! Europe Festival.
“An entrancing combination of storytelling and shared conversation” (The Guardian).

Voila! Europe is an annual theatre rendezvous in London, and is going ahead against all odds this year! Bringing together British and European theatre makers each November.






12 November 7:30pm
13 November 7:30pm
17 November 7:30pm

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