Stratis Myrivilis Presentation

Tuesday 08 Oct 2019

The presentation will be in Greek.

The year 2019 marks 50 years from the death of Stratis Myrivilis. This event is an opportunity for academics, artists and those who knew him personally to meet and share their own experience of what it means to be inspired by Myrivilis’ personality and work.

The aim is to discuss the ways in which the author constantly opens up new horizons in the thought and artistic work of people from all walks of life half a century later.  The presentations are only a small sample of the ways in which Myrivilis’ novels have established an intellectual link between different generations, who turn to his work in order to find utterance regarding life’s enduring historical and philosophical struggles.

Prof. Roderick Beaton will introduce the event. Presentations will be given by Myrivili’s grand daughter Mrs Angelopoulou, Dr Maria Prevelakis, film director Eirini Vachlioti and Zacharoula Christopoulou. Extracts from Myrivilis’s work will be narrated by Ino Menegaki, actress and high priestess of the Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games.

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The Hellenic Centre


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