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Story Telling in Mathematics

Story telling in mathematics can be a fascinating way to draw connections between mathematical discoveries (or inventions!) and the needs of the times they were emerging. Mathematics has been responding to people’s needs and curiosities for centuries and this is often forgotten. Ioanna Georgiou will present some of the stories used in her teaching and workshops, and feature in “Mathematical Adventures!” (2020) and “Peculiar Deaths of Famous Mathematicians” (2022), her two illustrated children’s books. The rationale of the books will be explored in the light of her second book being published in the summer of 2022. There will be a special focus on the stories from the Greek mathematicians featuring in the two books.

Ioanna (possible pronunciation Yo-Anna) is a mathematics educator who finds story telling a fascinating way to communicate mathematical ideas from the times they were emerging. Turning to stories of the past, with lively characters full of resilience and determination gives a rather comprehensive glimpse of what maths has been doing for us possibly ever since early humans started counting. Ioanna has been using these ideas in her teaching, masterclasses and workshops. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, a Chartered Mathematics Teacher, Head of Mathematics at St James Senior Girls’ School and author of “Mathematical Adventures!” and “Peculiar Deaths of Famous Mathematicians”.

Both books will be on sale at this event

Organised by The Hellenic Centre