Space on Stage Project VOLUME I: The MOON Greek Songs & Myths

Sunday 10 Dec 2023

A dialogue between space scientist Dr Georgios Nicolaou and artist Elena Hadjiafxendi about the Moon. Exploring the impact of the Moon in the Greek culture and shedding a light on big scientific questions about our satellite. A sensational journey from Earth to the Moon with the use of stories, multimedia, and beautiful songs for the whole family.

This performance is the first part of a bigger on-going project entitled Space on Stage, an interdisciplinary project aiming to connect people with space, through Greek and Cypriot culture.

It’s a fact that the Universe has inspired art and culture for much of humanity’s history. In this project, the stage bridges the audience’s exploration of the universe and its impact on our daily life.

In this first Volume, the Moon is ‘presented’. During the performance, the audience will become familiar with space physics, trying to understand the origin, motion, and properties of our natural satellite. Everyone will be taken on a historical journey of the Moon exploration by humans, whilst at the same time enjoying a magical journey through Greek art inspired by the Moon.


Elena Hadjiafxendi is a Greek-Cypriot actress and soprano who has developed an eclectic and distinctive style that blends music with literary recitation and drama. She created performances of wildly poetic stories with a strong philosophical undercurrent. She has worked in Cyprus, Greece, UK and Italy with directors and musicians in classical and contemporary theatre, musical theatre, operettas, cinema and television.

Dr Georgios Nicolaou is a researcher and lecturer at University College London. He has a PhD in Physics and Astronomy, and has worked in many research laboratories over the world, including USA, Sweden and the United Kingdom. He is the author of more than 50 scientific articles investigating the physics of the Sun, planets, comets and space in general. He has also been a member of several of the European Space Agency and NASA’s missions. Dr Nicolaou is also a musician. He has performed in various venues playing the guitar and several other instruments.


The Hellenic Centre


£10 each/£35 family of four | RSVP via Eventbrite


15:00 - 16:30