Sotiria’s Songs

Saturday 29 Jun 2024

“There is something handmade in this work, every time is not the same as the last one. Christina, seated on the stage surrounded by four exceptional musicians, addresses the audience as if she is amongst a group of friends. The performance premiered in the Athens and Epidaurus Festival in the summer of 2021 and has since won many “lives” – for good reason.” – Xenia Georgiadou – Kathimerini 

“Christina Maxouri and Dimitris Chaliotis have created a performance which is a piece of poetry. We laughed, sang along, 
got emotional, cried… 
Sotiria’s Songs is one of the performances I will remember my whole life.”
 – Christos Papamichalis – Athina 984 

Musical artist and actress Christina Maxouri and four exceptional folk musicians invite us on a journey through the life and songs of Sotiria Bellou, revered as the ‘Countess of Rebetiko.’ 

This follows the show’s sold out run in the summer of 2021 as part of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival. and the 2021 Tinos Festival. 

This event is supported by Rebetiko Carnival and George and Zoe Tsavliris.

Additional information

Artistic team

Concept: Dimitris Chaliotis

Artistic curation: Dimitris Chaliotis, Christina Maxouri

Set design: Sotiris Melanos

Costume design: Vana Giannoula

Hair styling: Thomas Galazoulas

Make up: Anna Baltzi

Photography: Marili Zarkou, Giorgos Vaggalis (Aris Vedertsis)

Tesaer: Stefanos Kosmidis

Song by Christina Maxouri

Musicians: Dimitris Koufogiorgos (bouzouki), Zacharias Gerasklis (bouzouki – voice), Vasilis Prodromou (guitar – voice), Dimitris Koustas (accordion).


The Hellenic Centre


£20/18 concession | Bookings via Eventbrite

or 020 7487 5060