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Shadows & Reflections

Shadows and Reflections is about how someone perceives the world, how we see and interpret things when we feel alone, and mental state of mind.

It’s more abour reverting to the lifestyle you had and the way you see shadows and reflections of your past

Kemal G Kemal

About the Artist
Kemal G Kemal is a photography student that is at the start of his career. He is inspired by events that happen in day to day life and people’s struggles with living in a big city. Kemal says that photography for him is not a career choice but a way of therapy of letting out all his raw emotions.


About the Exhibition

Kemal draws his inspiration from the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. Her birth, the goddess of beauty rising from white foams from the sea, is the key element that relates to shadows and reflections. The work is inclusive of sea, with focus on reflections in water and representation of beauty, and love.

Shadows and Reflections is about the people from Cyprus migrating to a different country and setting roots as an individual person in a London.  The work is about how someone perceives the world, and how we see and interrupt things people feel alone and have no family or friends.

The artist’s intention with this show is to create awareness of the Cypriot cultural diversity on both sides of the island, hoping it will provide a representation of diversity and solidarity all around the world in a time where Brexit is very prominent.