Resolution Festival – Electra Untitled

Thursday 26 May 2022

An evening of contemporary dance and physical theatre in three bite-size performances:

Mara Vivas – Nothingness

A reflection on our perception of space as we trace the borders of nothingness: a celebration of the minutiae of the everyday and our sense of community. Drawing upon Japanese philosophy Wabi–sabi, what in Western terms is considered empty space, Leonard Koren explains “Wabi-sabi sees nothingness alive with possibilities … it is about the minor and the hidden, the tentative and the ephemeral; things so subtle and evanescent they are invisible to the eyes … to experience Wabi-sabi we need to slow down, be patient, and look very closely”. Entangled in a playful body-space dialogue, the performers will draw the invisible thus making it perceptible.

Duration: 25-30mins

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Lawrie Smail / (IMBECILES) – A Hideous Monstrous Verminous Creature

This new work by Lawrie Smail takes inspiration from Franz Kafka’s novel The Metamorphosis and explores its contents as a metaphor for the physicalisation of depression and mental break down. The metamorphosis by Kafka tells the tale of an over worked Gregor Samsa who awakes one morning to find himself transformed into a monstrous cockroach. Smail has worked hard to develop and find a unique movement language that best embodies and sympathises with Gregor’s journey through alienisation, loneliness and torment as he battles to except his reality and slowly descends to a point of no return.

Duration: 20mins

Vertebra Theatre – Electra Untitled

Electra: Untitled, is a Physical Theatre adaptation of the myth of Electra as seen in the Greek tragedy Electra by Sophocles and J.P. Sartre’s Flies. Physical movement and visual storytelling, reconstruct her story which she owns through the lens of female empowerment. Electra becomes a modern antihero; tangled in violence that runs for generations of patriarchal suppression, she looks for a way out, and sees revenge as her only salvation.

Duration: 25mins


The Place, 17 Duke's Road London WC1H 9PY UK


£16 Standard/£12 Concession available here



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