Palimpsest Motherland by Yiannis Efthymiadis

Tuesday 01 Dec 2020 – Wednesday 30 Dec 2020

In his ‘PALIMPSEST MOTHERLAND’ series, using lithographic monotypes on metal, visual artist and poet Yiannis Efthymiadis tries to imprint the outline of the human figure and the space it occupies and encloses while its displacement defines the space which surrounds it.

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“The main conceptual narrative that ‘emerged’ from my work was how each generation experiences its own agony, which settles on previous ones, like colours in a palimpsest. The anguish and embarrassment that result from it do not function only additively but also multiplicatively, since memory characterizes, and to a certain extent defines, each new layer.”
– Yiannis Efthymiadis

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