Online Screening: Six Nights on the Acropolis

Thursday 07 May 2020 – Wednesday 13 May 2020

Six Nights on the Acropolis, the only completed novel written by the Nobel Laureate poet George Seferis, is a narrative of confessions, love and friendship, and it revolves around an aspiring poet, and the visits of seven young friends to Acropolis on six consecutive nights of full moon. The poet, a would-be Greek, is someone who after years abroad, cannot see how to “find my path in my own country” and compares himself to the reproduction on the Acropolis of a caryatid that was spirited away to the British Museum a century before. The moonlight on the Acropolis is almost a character in its own right, “that plunged over all like a fishnet woven of violet steel.”

Watch the trailer:

The full length show is no longer available here.

Six Nights on the Acropolis with Stamatis Kraounakis

Directed by Anastasia Revi

Produced by Theatre Lab and The Hellenic Centre

Based on the novel by George Seferis

Languages: Greek and English

Sponsored by Aegean Airlines






Thursday 7 May 10am - Wednesday 13 May 10pm