Meteora, Rocks Suspended in the Air: Ainalaiyn Space in Conversation with Artist-in-Residence Kate Daudy

Thursday 11 May 2023

In August 2022, UK contemporary arts organisation Ainalaiyn Space invited three artists to experience the magnificent rock formations of Meteora, Greece. London-based artists Kate Daudy and Paloma Proudfoot, and Athens-based artist Rowena Hughes, spent one month living amongst these mighty rocks. Warmly embraced by Meteora’s community, each participant responded to the landscape, rituals and histories of the site.

Fellow artists Maro Theodorou and Dina Baitassova joined the residency programme which culminated in a group exhibition. In Flux was hosted at the National Geological History Museum (Kastraki, Greece) for two months and featured ceramics, installation, drawings, prints, sculptures and performance in dialogue with the museum’s displays and location.

To celebrate this transformative project, Ainalaiyn Space’s founder and curator, Indira Dyussebayeva-Ziyabek, will be in conversation with participating artist Kate Daudy. Together, they will reflect on how the landscape, stories and people of Meteora shaped Daudy’s artistic practice during the residency and beyond. Sharing light-hearted anecdotes and profound encounters, Dyussebayeva-Ziyabek and Daudy will explore the research, conversations and experiences that shaped Punctum (Future Nostalgia), Daudy’s personal response to her time spent in Meteora.



Free | RSVP via Eventbrite or 020 7563 9835