Messengers and Communication in Ancient Mythology & Drama with Evdoxia Lymperi

Thursday 29 Feb 2024

What is the equivalent of journalistic correspondence in ancient drama? Who were the people tasked with reporting happenings elsewhere? Theatrologist and the Greek Public Broadcaster ERT London correspondent Evdoxia Lymperi takes you on a trip into the magnificent world of ancient Greek drama and mythology, along with real and fantasy characters who were created to deliver communications in the ancient world. 

Joining the event are two special guests who will perform a reading from Greek tragedy:

Alexis Conran – Broadcaster (Times Radio, Channel 5), Actor

Alex Andreou – Actor, Political Commentator and Broadcaster 

This event is under the auspices of the Embassy of Greece in London.

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About Evdoxia Lymperi

Evdoxia Lymperi is broadly known as the London based correspondent for ERT, the Greek Public Broadcaster. Lymperi is also a Theatrologist (Theatre Studies on Global History, Analysis, and Staging of Drama) and has also worked for many years as a professional actress. She is enchanted by Greek mythology and drama which triggers her curiosity and fantasy. She holds a Master’s degree in Political Communications and is currently exploring how the combination of her craft can help people find their leadership rizz (sic), to sharpen their communication skills, to develop their presentation charm and to gain back lost confidence (sometimes after unfortunate events). She also offers presentation and communications consultation. 

About Alex Andreou

Alex Andreou left the law in his thirties to retrain as an actor. He has played venues including in the West End, at the National Theatre, Southbank, Stratford Royal, Manchester Exchange, and Bath Royal, has toured with several operas and musicals in the UK and abroad, and has provided voices for several installments of Assassin’s Creed. He is the founder of the Sturdy Beggars theatre company and the Greeks on Stage group. As a political commentator he has written extensively for the Guardian, the New Statesman and Byline, and is a regular panellist on BBC and Sky News. He presents the podcasts ‘Oh God, What Now’ and ‘The Bunker.’

About Alexis Conran
Alexis Conran is a TV Presenter, Times Radio host and LAMDA-trained actor best known as the man who identifies, uncovers, and helps us protect ourselves against scams.
Currently the presenter of his own self-titled show on Channel 5, where he discusses the day’s most important news stories with viewers, he also hosts a weekend review show on Times Radio and is a charismatic and engaging keynote speaker and awards host working with companies and organisations worldwide.


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