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Levantine Alternatives: Greeks in Constantinople, Smyrna and Alexandria after 1821

A lecture by Dr Philip Mansel about how the Greeks who left the new kingdom and went to live in these cosmopolitan cities contributed to the development of the fledgling kingdom.

Philip Mansel is a historian of courts and cities, and of France and the Ottoman Empire. He was born in London in 1951 and educated at Eton College, where he was a King’s Scholar, and at Balliol College, Oxford, where he read Modern History and Modern Languages. Following four years’ research into the French court in 1814-1830, he was awarded his doctorate at University College, London in 1978.

Image: Argine Salvago, sister of Penelope Delta and wife of the President of the Greek community of Alexandria, at home.

1821 Commemorative Lecture Series: The Greek War of Independence Revisited

Organised by the Hellenic Centre

1821 Commemorative Lecture Series and Exhibition

1821 Visions of Freedom: The Hand of Zographos, The Mind of Makriyannis, The Zeal of Gennadius
An exhibition of plates illustrating scenes from the Greek War of Independence.
Organised by the Hellenic Centre under the aegis of the Greece 2021 Committee. Sponsored by the A G Leventis Foundation.

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