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Discussion lecture

Lela’s story

In her presentation, Jacqueline explains what happened to Lela, her husband and little girl, after the Germans occupied Athens in 1943. She describes how they were deported to Auschwitz Birkenau, with her grandmother left as the only one to survive. She also talks about the tragic fate of her family back in Salonica.

The presentation follows Lela through an extraordinary and heartbreaking journey, before eventually finding peace. It ends with a message urging people not to stand by and allow hatred and intolerance to prevail.

Jacqueline Luck is a secondary school Music teacher and an advocate of Holocaust education. She is a speaker for Generation 2 Generation, a registered charity that enables descendants and friends of Holocaust Survivors to tell their family stories.

Photo shows Lela with her daughter Marcelle

Organised by the Hellenic Centre