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Family Event

Karaghiozis and the Riddles of the Vizier’s Daughter – Ο Καραγκιόζης και τα Αινίγματα της Βεζυροπούλας

A traditional shadow theatre puppet performance in Greek by Thodoris Kostidakis. While everybody tries to solve the riddles set by the Vizier’s daughter in order to earn her hand in marriage, Karaghiozis gets involved and messes everything up.

After the performance, the children will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop and create their own shadow theatre puppet.

Thodoris Kostidakis was taught the art of shadow theatre by his father, Takis Kostidakis and has been performing since 1999. Thodoris has led many workshops and performances at schools, cultural centres, museums, festivals, volunteer organizations, both in Greece and Cyprus.  In 2012 he started the project “KaragioZEIS everywhere!” together with “Arts and Moods” Workshop, the collaboration with art groups results in events in the art of shadow theatre – performances, art exhibitions, creative workshops, educational programmes, music nights, theatrical events etc.