Greek Maritime Tradition & Innovation: The Oinoussians

Friday 18 Nov 2022

The discussion will focus both on the maritime tradition of Oinousses island but also the legacy of benevolence and solidarity established decades ago by numerous families hailing from Oinousses. In this respect, a short documentary produced by, on how a tiny island in the corner of Greece become a leading power in world shipping, will be presented.

The event aims to highlight the importance of community accomplishments through the inspiring story of Oinousses and its maritime diaspora.

One aspect of this is “Oinoussian Maritime Ltd” consortium, a shipping group that showcased the will of Oinoussian maritime family for collective action and common business practices.

Another aspect that will be explored will be the decades-long participation of Oinoussian shipowners in the columns of Naftika Chronika showcasing the outward looking spirit of the island’s shipping community.

An event organised by, Naftika Chronika and the Oinoussai Benevolent Fund.