Greek Fringe | Evritiki Zygia & Katerina Douka

Friday 26 Feb 2021

Evritiki Zygia” is made up of five friends who share a passion for the music of Thrace. It consists of ancient instruments deeply rooted in the tradition and mind of the Thracian locals with bagpipe, lyra, kaval and davul. Instruments that for thousands of years have been a mode of expression and an integral part in the life cycle of the Thracians – joy, sadness, marriage, death, work, migration.

The name “Evritiki,” comes from Evros, the North/ Eastern part of Greece, which belongs to the territory of Thrace – a place rich in historical and musical traditions. It is considered to be the homeland of Orpheus who, according to a Greek myth, was the most important representative of singing, arts and the Thracian lyra. The word “Zygia,” means a pair and usually suggests a traditional band or group of musicians performing together.

Their endless research, recording and playing songs that have long been buried in the closet of time, continuous participation in Thracian customs and the strong presence in cultural events both inside and outside Greece have contributed to Evritiki Zygia’s cult following.

Evritiki Zygia are collaborating with Katerina Douka whose voice embodies Thracian traditions. She has a versatile repertoire from popular songs through to rebetika, but her Thracian roots and upbringing make her an authority on music from Northern Greece. She regularly performs in traditional and rebetiko music festivals throughout the globe and continues to teach traditional Greek songs in Greece and abroad.

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UK: 8:30pm
Greece: 10pm
Australia AEST 8:30pm
New York EDT 8:30pm

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