Face to Face Negotiation and Mediation training course

Friday 01 Jul 2022

The training includes a series of interactive simulations, the Café Diplomatico exercises. Each represents a unique case of negotiation and interactive problem solving developed at the University of Kent or drawn from leading negotiation programs and handbooks. The training has been delivered yearly by the University of Kent to diplomats from 25 member countries of the Organization of American States in partnership with OAS’s department for the Promotion of Peace. Simulations are easy to follow and fun and therefore participants are not expected to prepare in advance or have prior knowledge of negotiations for this session. Examples of exercises include:

  • Thinking outside the box (nine dots and other mini-exercises)
  • Cafe Diplomatico simulation
  • Fair trade regime (multi-phase/ reiterated prisoner’s dilemma)
  • BATNA (negotiating a new house purchase)
  • COROVIA: Negotiating a federal constitution (multi-issue, multi-party, multi-universe simulation)
  • Auction of 10 pound note
  • Becoming a Good Listener & Let’s Vote video

Organised by Cypriot Estia


The Hellenic Centre


Free entry



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