The Nature and the History in the Paintings and the Gobelins from Greece, Cyprus and Mediterranean

Friday 05 Jul 2019 – Thursday 11 Jul 2019

Libuse Mikova-Mika, born in Bohemia, now the Czech Republic, has lived and worked mainly in Prague but been living in St.Albans in the UK for the last fourteen years.

Her work continues in the tradition of classical art in Europe. The spiritual background of the artists’ art, craft and talent is pessimistic, with a great admiration of God, nature, the kingdom of the earth and the ocean sea.

The artist works in many mediums including cotton, wool, oil, pastel, clay for modelling with limestone for carving statues and many more. Using natural and synthetic colours to dye the material for weaving and bobbin lace. But her main interest is in making tapestry or gobelin.

The artist says of travelling

“I was deeply touched by the Mediterranean Sea in Alexandria, Marseilles, the Amalfi coast, Calabria, Sicily, Syracuse, Trieste, Dubrovnik, Athens and Constantinople. I was fascinated by South Amazonia in the area of Pucallpa in Peru, the lost civilisation of the Incas, and the Pacific Ocean.”

From 2010 the Libuse Mikova has studied the art and life of Leonardo da Vinci. And has been influenced by the English painter John Constable and the French painter Claude Monet. Work displayed here are the periods in her work: Peru, India, Egypt, South Africa, USA and Europe and Sicily.


The Hellenic Centre


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