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Erica Scourti: Artist’s Talk

Artist Erica Scourti presents her practice across text, collage, video and performance, exploring autobiography through routines and archives of everyday life. Using lo-fi materials, her work explores affect, labour and self-exposure, connecting the personal to impersonal structures of value and meaning.

Erica Scourti is an artist and writer, based in Athens and London. She has presented work internationally, at High Line New York, Welcome Collection, Serendicity Festival, Hong Kong, Kunsthalle Wien, Hayward Gallery, Munich Kunstverein, ICA London, Athens Biennale: ECLIPSE  (2021) and Survival Kit 13, Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (2022). Her solo show Profiles of You, at EMST, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens runs from Jan – May 2023. Her writing has been published in On Care (Ma Biblioteque, 2020) Spells (Ignota, 2018) and Fiction as Method (Sternberg, 2017) amongst others.