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Colonel Graeme McDonald: The Battle for the Eastern Mediterranean – a Strategic Overview.

During WW2, the campaign in the Middle East was of great strategic importance.  While many people are familiar with some of the events in North Africa, Malta, Italy and Greece, the Middle East campaign is less often set out in its full, strategic context, which extended from the Central Mediterranean to India.  It included land conflicts in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Ethiopia and a prolonged and desperate struggle at sea.  Had this campaign been lost, the Axis powers would have controlled the whole region, poised at the gateway to India, with all that such an outcome would have implied.

The aim of this talk is to explain this campaign in its proper context, with special emphasis upon the significance of events in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Lieutenant Colonel Graeme McDonald is a retired infantry officer with an interest in military history in general, and the two World Wars in particular.

This event is organised by the Patrick Leigh Fermor Society.