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Cloudy Sunday /Ouzeri Tsitsanis


“Cloudy Sunday” unfolds the forbidden love story between a Jewish girl and a Christian boy during the German occupation in Thessaloniki in 1942. The racist laws have been implemented and the only place to escape the hatred and inhumanity is a small club, where Vasilis Tsitsanis fills the hearts and minds of people with the beautiful rebetika folk music. Despite the resistance, the persistent hunt for the Jews gradually spreads and suddenly simple choices become life-changing decisions. Based on the book “Ouzeri Tsitsanis” by George Skarbadonis.

The film has received the following awards:
Best supporting actress, Best costume design, Best make up – Hellenic Film Academy 2016
Best director, Best cinematography – Slemani International Film Festival 2016 Iraq
Astron Award for best feature-length film – San Franscisco Greek Film Festival 2016
Best feature- length film award – Atlanta Greek Film Festival

It has been screened around Europe, USA, Asia and has received astonishing reviews.

DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT My aim for the realization of this film is to provide a reminder of the atrocities committed during the 2nd World War to those who have chosen to forget, and an opportunity to learn for those who are unaware; in the hope that those crimes will never be repeated. This story, despite its chronological setting, reflects current events, where racism and neo-Nazism lie in wait menacingly, eager to infect the global community.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY MANOUSSOS MANOUSSAKIS has directed numerous plays and TV productions. His TV series attained ratings up to 73%, receiving Director and Audience awards. He received various prices such as the Best Cinematography award at the Chicago Film Festival, the European Parliament award at the Giffoni Film Festival, and the Script, Music & Editing awards at the Thessaloniki Film Festival. “Cloudy Sunday” is his fifth feature film.

CAST BIOGRAPHY CHRISTINA HILLA FAMELI studied at the Karolos Koun Art Theatre and she plays her first leading role in a feature film in “Cloudy Sunday”. HARIS FRAGOULIS graduated from the Drama School of the National Theatre in 2010. In 2013, he won the Dimitris Horn Theater Award for his performance as Sigmund Freud in Irvin D. Yalom’s “When Nietzsche Wept”. His first leading role in a feature film is in “Cloudy Sunday”. ANDREAS KONSTANTINOU has worked as an actor, performer and musician in Greece and abroad after graduating from the Drama School of the National Theatre in 2009. He has already starred in several feature films such as “Cloudy Sunday” and “Voir Du Pays” (official selection UNCERTAIN REGARD, Cannes 2016).