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Climate- Change, Biodiversity and the Need for Action in Today’s Hellenic World

This presentation leads into a discussion on climate change, its effects on the natural world and on human society, by tracing how natural climate events have affected the world in history.  It follows by explaining how human dominance of the planet has led to an unprecedented and aggressive form of global warming signalling change and disruption which include biodiversity loss, all of which pose serious threats to human society.  The Mediterranean basin and the Middle East are among the areas most at risk and the presentation concludes by assessing how Greece and Cyprus are responding to the challenge.

Anastasios P. Leventis is chairman of the A.G.Leventis Foundation. This talk will be a fund-raising event for Elliniki Etairia: Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage.

A talk in English by Anastasios P.Leventis CBE, OFR, Chairman of the A G Leventis Foundation, about climate change and Greece.

Organised by the Anglo-Hellenic League.