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Christodoulos at 75

Pianist and composer Christodoulos Georgiades left his native Cyprus at the age of fourteen to study first in Vienna, then in Moscow and finally in New York. Since 1970 he has lived in London, where he has recorded programmes with the BBC and developed his own interest in composition, resulting- so far – in about 75 works.

Over the years, as well as in London, he has given piano recitals throughout Europe, North America and the middle and far East. Some of his compositions will be heard during this concert, performed by himself together with musician friends.


  • Southern Psyche for solo Flute – 2000
    • Lento 
    • Allegro Vivo
      • Nancy RufferFlute 
  • OMENS Six Songs to Poems by Dimitrios Kraniotis – 2005 
    • Leandros TaliotisBaritone 
    • Christodoulos GeorgiadesPiano 
  • GUTS AND IVORIES for Violin and Piano – 1998 
    • Sickle dance 
    • Lullaby 
    • Tsifteteli 
    • Kalamatianos
      • James Tett Violin
      • Willam Galton Piano
  • From 13 CONCERT PIECES For Piano – 2009
    • Valse decadente 
    • Lullaby 
    • Hiya Ludwig!
      • Willam Galton Piano
  • SERBIAN DANCE for Oboe and Piano – 2018
    • Emily Pailthorpe Oboe
    • Christodoulos Georgiades Piano
  • 3 CYPRUS SCENES for Piano – 1996 
    • Panayis 
    • Pera stous pera kambous 
    • Ta Rialia 
      • Christodoulos Georgiades Piano

Organised by the Hellenic Centre.