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At the Heart of Things

At the Heart of Things is a dance-puppetry performance inspired by Oscar Wilde’s book De Profundis, that dives into female sexuality, queer identity and homophobia.

In a dystopian world where growing fear takes centre stage, two young women Lilly and Nina are dancing in a nightclub. When a gunman opens fire, nothing will be the same again. Lilly tries to make sense in a senseless world. What does it mean to be a woman? Fall in love? Out of her frustration, Oscar Wilde will be born, to guide her, towards rediscovering her sexuality and womanhood.

”An intriguing show to watch, full of little flashes of beauty and excellence.” Views from the Gods

Vertebra Theatre is a physical and visual theatre company that creates international devising, puppetry and film work.
Greek artists Mayra Stergiou, Gregory Emfietzis and Eirini Dermitzaki as Vertebra Theatre.