Annual Cyprus Week – Theatro Technis

Monday 15 Jul 2019 – Saturday 20 Jul 2019


Monday, 15th July, 7.00pm
Raising the flags of the republic of Cyprus & European union. an exhibition of the archives of Theatro Technis and Cypriot community in Camden. also music & poetry

Tuesday, 16th July, 7.30pm
‘ Your Freedom And Mine’
an evening of poetry, music and film, Kurdish freedom movement on the occasion of the publication of ‘freedom poems for Ocalan. marking Abdullah Ocalan’s 70th birthday

Wednesday, 17th July, 7.30pm
A seminar by the lobby of Cyprus:
‘Cyprus oil and gas exploration: challenges and opportunities’ by Antonia Dimou

Thursday, 18th July 7.30pm
A rehearsed reading of ‘Interpretation’,a monologue by a retiring famous music conductor, written by Takis Adamadides, a retired judge living in Cyprus. performed in English by Panos Savvides directed by George Eugeniou a scene from the play who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf presented by Leigh Hughes and Krysia Mansfield

Friday, 19th July, 7.30pm
Scenes from modern Greek plays’ 130 dollars by Eugene Trivizas, la rose rouge by Andonis Doriades & the true apology of Socrates by Costas Varnalis. adapted by George Eugeniou and Marios Hadjipanayi.

Saturday, 20th July, 7.30pm
Scenes from ancient Greek plays: Antigone by Sophocle, Oedipus king by Sophocles, the Persians by Aeschylus


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