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Biennial Andrew David Memorial Lecture

Political Prizes, Human Costs

Author and journalist Bruce Clark, drawing on his book “Twice A Stranger” and subsequent research, explains why a near-total and compulsory population exchange seemed expedient to all the parties at the Lausanne conference – and considers the long-term consequences for both Greece and Turkey.

Bruce Clark

Since 1998 he worked mainly for The Economist, covering everything from conflict in the Balkans to transatlantic relations and comparative religion. Between 2002 and early 2004 he took a sabbatical to research the history of forced migration between Greece and Turkey. In 2006, he launched the international pages of The Economist’s foreign news section, a new editorial feature devoted to broad global topics from disarmament to development. Before joining The Economist, he served as diplomatic correspondent for the Financial Times, working in London, Brussels and then Washington DC.  Find out more

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