Ancient Greek Philosophy Today

Thursday 23 May 2024

Why engage with ancient Greek philosophy today? Can it still teach us anything today or is it outdated?  

Many contemporary thinkers believe that ancient philosophical theories are not just interesting museum pieces but tell us something important about our lives today and can both challenge our own views and provide inspiration in many fields of human thought. Philosophers of science like Nancy Cartwright argue that Aristotelian metaphysics provides the best framework for thinking about contemporary physics. Ethicists like Martha Nussbaum think that Greek virtue ethics should inspire the way we think about what’s right and wrong today. And both philosophers and psychologists have been impressed by the ancient Greeks’ views about the good human life, human flourishing and peace of mind.  

So do ancient Greek philosophical ideas still merit engagement today after all? Four international experts will share their thoughts on why the answer should be Yes! 

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About Anna Marmodoro

Anna Marmodoro is full Professor of Philosophy at the University of Durham, author of several books on ancient Greek philosophy with a special focus on metaphysics. She is co-editor (with Erasmus Mayr) of the journal Dialogoi. Ancient Philosophy Today, published by Edinburgh University Press.

About Erasmus Mayr

Erasmus Mayr is Professor of Philosophy at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg. His focus has been especially on moral philosophy and philosophy of action. He is co-editor (with Anna Marmodoro) of the journal Dialogoi. Ancient Philosophy Today, published by Edinburgh University Press. 

About John Sellars

John Sellars is Reader in Philosophy at the Royal Holloway University London. He is author of several books, with a special focus on ancient Stoicism and its continuing appeal throughout the ages. 

About Raphael Woolf

Raphael Woolf is Professor of Philosophy at King’s College London. He has published extensively on many areas of both ancient Greek and Roman philosophy. 


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