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Amerika Square Screening

Q&A with the producer, director and one of the actors after each screening

Amerika Square is one of the best European films to date on the subject of immigration in all its painful implications – The Hollywood Reporter

How do the fates of a local tattoo artist, a Syrian refuge from Aleppo and a young xenophobic man intersect? What happens when the fountain of your local square becomes the symbol of your identity, when you rediscover your neighbourhood street benches only after the immigrants start using them as beds, when you start counting how many Greeks and how many foreigners live in your block of flats? Amerika Square looks at the human side of the immigration debate and reveals the answers through a bracing and morally complex tale.

Written and Directed by: Yannis Sakaridis (based on the book Victoria does not exist by Yannis Tsirbas)
Starring: Yannis Stankoglou, Makis Papadimitriou, Themis Bazaka, Vassilis Koukalani
Music by: Minos Matsas
Produced by: Marblemen Productions

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Organised by the Hellenic Centre and Oinoussai Benevolent Fund and Marblemen Productions

Supported by Aegean Airlines and Argo Travel